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semble une initiative excellente pour réconcilier science des données et éthique citoyenne. Il me reste encore à le lire en détails, mais peut-être aurait-il fallu trouver un autre philosophe qu'Hippocrate pour l'informatique ?

is rich of people / thinkers who analyze & reason about privacy, the role of online platforms, data, society: @Calimaq @nitot @Framatophe to name a few.

Note that nothing proves that these accounts are actually owned by the real / known / IRL personalities - apart from your trust in their nodes admin ( &; and that is perfect, it should stay like that, it's a pretty good compromise btw privacy threats & anonymity.

The OLKi project is an interdisciplinary project that aims at making AI research on language data more open, transparent, ethical, explainable and respectful for citizens

Academic Mastodon server in Nancy (France)

Academic Mastodon server in Nancy (France)